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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 9, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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now. there's even a media black outon social media. chase h more for . we were allowed we walked right inside and got to hear il clinton but t answer eveone wants to hear, no sheid not say directly anything but if you talk to people insi, ther were a lot of hint iner halhour spch. there was that rally outbefore with hil supporters saying they're ready for hillary, of course rea for her to run in 2016. it getting a lot of talk here in san francco over the weekend becae this washe first ofwo speaking events that sheas scheduled here in san francisco. and because of tt speculation, you can bet there are a lot of people that hope that she does toss her name in for 2016. you know, i think that
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responsible political leaders will respond t publi priorities and i think there's nothing more important n than toave a woman in th white house. she's makehe right decision in her own time. reporter: and that next event is coming up here in less than an ur. she's going to be speaking along with chelsea athe cnton global initiative, specifically to a division of the clinton globalnitiative that is aimed vots under 30. the media is not allowed inside th event but we're going to be out there and hope to tk to some people afterward and see what she has to say, see if she drops any more nts. he talked about what she hopes america can become. those were big applause lines for the former first lady and we'll bring you much me from what she said inside coming up tonight at 11:00. we' live here in san francisco, chase cain. >> thanks very ch.
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wre following a developing story. people in the philippines are coping with the damageeft from typhn haiyan. red cross estimates 1200 may ha been killed by the orm. experienceaid worke are saying they haven't seen anythi like it sincehe 200 asian tsunami. the teams are finally able to get into the hardest hit areas. >> really horrific. great human tragedy. ere's no light,o power. by the tim the sun sets it's rk. >> they're now accepting the offerf assistae from the united nationed. >> residents o vietnam have been ordered to evacuate. they're prepari sandbs and arding up the windows. tourists are being toldto say inside the hotels.
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let'bring in rob mayeda right now. >> the latest on the storm is a typhoon or a category 2 huicane right now. it's still off the coast of vietnam as a category 2 stm, winds at about 10 miles an hour and making a patrather quickly northwest to 20. bethink that it will stay just offshore crossinghe gap, but during the day tomorrow we'll see theystem make its way inland and cross into northern vietnam as we go thrgh the day tomorrow. you can see the path now, making the seco landfall into the north half of vietnam. so some of the latest that we're lo at here in terms of its next potenti landfall will be looking at wind droppin down to perhaps closeo tropical storm strength, in northern vinam. you'll see the winds down from 145 mile-per-hour winds in the
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philippines. but rainfall is big problem with e system. mountain ranges and drop one to two feet of rain. cotal flooding is an issue. bu the runoff flooding from one to twoeetf rain is a real concern this time tomorrow. back to you. well the bay area i home to one of the largest philippino commities outside of the islands and tonight they' hoping for signs that their loved os survived the storm. st. andrewsatholic church opened up their mass tonight with prayer fo the milies. >> it's ashock, not onlyhe earthquake but nowhetyphoon. and i kind of praynd wonder, you know, dear god, how much can people bear but they seem to be bearing it and we're praying very hard. >> for the latest updates onhe typhoo go to nbcbayareaom. across the state today people gatheredor a day of action for 13-year-old andy
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pez who was killed by a sonoma county deputy. in santa rosa dozens of peoe gaered. last month a sheriff's deputy shot and killed lopez saying he thought the toy gun that the boy was carrying was a real rifle. >> i c't imagine. when i fst heard about it,y heart just breaks for his mother. happen to one of my children. i feel so much love for that family. just had to come out. >> and a smaller ptestas held at the b.a.r.t. staon in fran today as well new details about george shir cow what. he was stenced to jail here yesterday. ter he's released shakawa will be on pra bags for three ars. he blamed his gambling addiction r the crim.
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the judge ordered counseling d told him noto gamble again. officers corted 40 people on to this brie today. friends who had died onhe idge and they had a chance to member them d pray tribute. carol leisterame up with the tribute. she fst reached out to the chp to visithe bridge and then realiz this were other families ithe same situation. >> my dad wasilled on the idge july 31st, 1964. and i'm here for closure. >> it just warms my heart that we can open this up for other famies. it brought such pea for me to be ae to standt the spot where m son took his life. >> demolitionf the eastern span starts nt week.
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officials say it will take three year and $0 million. there may be soob some maybe a thi year of nouition hike. this is according to theaily cow. the propol for a tuition free comes a year after the passage of pro30. that saved the university from a $250 million mid year cut. assuming 26 million in venue from out of state tuition. >> what a great idea reallyo help students fulfill all of their goals and aspirations. that is such a gat help and aid to really help out the udent community and the entire communy. >> the university will discuss the preliminary budget which includes the proposed tuiti freeze. >> also at berkeley, a frernity partied it up there despite beg disbanded.
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there re concerns about hazing and after local alum and the cent graduates failed toix the problem, the administratn decid to close it. the students living at t house will be allowed to live ther until the end of their lease. >> we'll be right back.
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fran polic are asking for
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the pub ling ice health identifying a body found in the bay. it was found over near ata rk. a person was walking their dog when they spotted the body. police dcribe the victim as an asian woman, 5'3"ong black hair and dark eyes. they are not invtigating this as a homicide. >> hundreds of firefighters rema on the scenetoday. afternoon near the commuty of lower lake. state ficials say the fire has bued about 150 acres, as many as a dozen structures are thatened andne has been destroyed. there e no emergency ors evacuation at thmoment . police in the east bay are searching for o people involved in a hit and run crash that damaged a patrol car. local police say the suspects were in a car that committed trafc violationhen it crash into the patrol c at 4:30 this
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two of the people in the car fled, a third person w arreed a @scene but the officer insi the patrol car an th suspect arrested were taken to the hospital as a precaution. not have to drive hours to enj the snow. >> comingup, the plan for yr round skiing and swboarding >> we're tracking a chance of rain coming back to our bay area forecast. so the question is will the rn drops arrive bere the end of e weekend? 'll look at that? yo sunday forecast. i love watching outside.
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e newest project in the south bays a sk resort.
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you heard me right. >> skiing and snowboarding without thehree or four hour drive to laktahoe. as for the snow,t's man made. the plan is to build the snow needs some money.t the plan and as rajmathai reports, they're raing the money in tru silicon valley styl >> $1 million i the pri tag for alice of hech, at least that'shat the skiers and snow snow, a plastic surface called ow plex. just a water and it feels lik sk on freshly groomed snow. >>t's a surface that never melts, never goes away. it e cofriendly and it's a wonderful surface that looks and feels andcts just like snow. >> they wanto build on acres of abandoned landfill.
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the company is running a kick starter campaign to show the city of san jose there's a demand for this park. no word yet if theity will approve the plan. the goa is to rse $1 million by january 4. we just started twoays ago wh ande've got a long way to go >> if built the park would be the second of its kind in the united states d developers say the silicon valley is the perfect h spot for this cold weathesport. >> ts is the perfect project for the perfectlocation. we're going to set thetandard for what gets blt in the rest of the nation. >> raj mathai nbc bay area news. ll a popular sand castle mpetition is back. week because of the government shutdown. ocean beach shut down during the shutdown. today zunts from mo than 2
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elementa schools built sand casts. the blders say they put a l of work into this project. >> if somebody just came here and wanted to see our masterpiece in the sand, we it's very detailednd it too aat lo of hard work and it was >> that's o o thebest child onamera i've er seen. >> i love her. >> she's amazing. >> the were hereammates there. they rsed money for a public hool art program. last year event raised a quarter million f l.e.a.p. >> wchaises money for t art programs. and they look like they're having a great time. what a fun day to be at the beach. let'see what rob mayeda has to
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say. >> right now not too bad outside. 50s 6 0s. as a reminder, your seven day forecast is right therat the bottomf the reen. temperatures coong down a little bit. tomoow, a slightly stronger sea bree is going to begin to bring the tmperatures don, you' notice it around the 68 in the north bay tomorrow, south bay including san jose still near 70 degrees for one more day as the j stream starts to dropurther to the south. this hints of some bigger changes ahea chance that partsf the bay area cld see a chance of rain. the weekend is going to finish off dry. but you notice here, eas of north of san francisco as y get into monday night and tuesday, we're expecting to see me rain, not as muchs we ought, but maybe up to a quarter of an irj of rain aund
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santa sa, napa a tenth of an inch. all ofhis coming in for tuday. now speakingf san jose, maybe just enough t wet the ground. that's a little bit of a problem especially in the south bay when you look at our water year going back touly 1st. weof had just over a half inch of ra. but if you go back to the sta of the year, theecord setting dry spring followedp by this extremely dry fall, our rain totals still under 3 inches of sew there's a chance of rain on tuesday t not hping us out as we get you back to the woweek. so in the south bay near 70 in san jose tomorrow. you notice around the peninsula and into san francis temperatures coolingnto the 60s. biggerrop in temperatures around oaklandnd outoward the inner east bay inclung hayward. but out towds the i-valley, now youe seeing the temperatures hanging on to one
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more warm day, numbengs in the mid 70s arod liv ore. but kland, you're goin to notice the cooldown torrow. we'll see numbers in the 60s. soo wrap up the weekend your get away forecast still looking good on the coast. still dry in the high country. reno 70 degrees, 63 in lake taho san francisco and the coast, you will see the fog for the rning, then sunshe for the afternoo a bit cooler as you wrap up t weekend and then that chance ofhowers for the noh bay ce tuday. >> thanks very much. veterans were hored ahead of the holiday. we'll show you. woah, this kitchen ibeautiful!
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ve him the tour. let me sw you! soft-clwhere's myoom?m sink! we had to take jt a little bit f the kitchen. cause your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. [s[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [momcreams]
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[mom]oh my god! woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him theour.heer] let me show you! ft-close drawers, fa sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitch. because your kitchen dams can be b. ikea has it all. >>this weekend many pple in the united states areaying tribute to the men and women who have served in uniform. here's parade in orlandohat and then in las vegas veterans
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e being treated as vips. they've been given a free week of r and r and a salute that no oneeally expected. >> people standing on the sid the hallway for 100 yards it was a great feeling. >> in virginia today the navy welcomed i newest airaft caier, the u.s. gerald r. rd. veterans day was oginally called, it was called arm ma ist day. >> i am telling you, th daughter of gerald ford hit the side o the aircraft rrier, i wow, she has a punch.nk. what's goi on in sports. >> she had a punch. unfortunatel the bears were pumplged. th're riding a seen-day losing streak and thing did not
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get any better f them at memorial stadm. t for the warriors stefan curry is back in the starting lup. we'll show you the first half hilights coming up to those who've wait... worried...
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poked and prodde.. tan risks... and lived in a state of "wt if?"... welcome to a n state... health. weome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. and nobody can be denied cause of ad. prexisting condition. enroll now at . warriors guard stefan curry missed last night' loss. his bruised ale is better.
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the warriors are not won in memphis since2008. and then ely in the rst, curry from beyond the yd doing what heoes sowell. later in the quarter, dishes of to david lee, gives the layup and the fo, the warriors up by two. shot and getting the foul.ook they currentlyrail by four at the half. theall bears hosting ufc. a 44th birthday for sonny dikes. it was not happy however. why? the first punt of the game and he makest worthwhile for the trojans. 75 yar for the score. then inhe second quarr, more problems for cal. the punt is blocked, he grabbed itnd runsn for the score.
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they add 93-yard retn and win big, 628. sunday could turn in to the battle of the defenses. jimarbaugh knows that the 49ers need to be aware of carolina's fronteven. >> a very good football am is what you see. start with tfense, probably the press front seven thi we've played, defensive lin i think the best. line backi group is extremely good. physically, they run, they get off blocks. they play thecho and the whistle and very smart group. well the raiders traved all the way across the country on friy andill play the new york giants on sunday. for a game preview we sd it to tallinn smith. >> reporte the raiders are
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gog to kick offere inew york and they haven't had mh ccess on the ro. dating back i 2009 they've lt 11 straight in the eastern time zone. sunday won't be easy either. the gias lostheir opening six games but have won two straight and they're coming off of a by week. lot of excuseke to bui in a our job asrofessional football plers as coaches is t go play wherever the tl us whever they tell us and prepare like it was any other game. don't spend a lot of time talking about, per se, the eastern time zo. but we'vealked about we need to go on theoad and play well. >> tyave a gd front seven, the two guys o side is dynamic. so we've got to protect andold those guys and i believe we will. >> make sure we beat them with details. it's a good thingnd the record
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doesn't say it. we're doing everything we can to make sur we understan our preparation. >> reporte running back rashad he's coming off of a 100-yard shing game and theaiders have a l of confidence in number 27 but don't usehe word opportunity when talking about jennings. the way he sees ithe needs to be ready. in new york city, nbc bay area. and the tricklay of the year was good enough to win an osc. watch this. this is the nephew of jada pinkett. she faked that she needed a new ball so that is technically a hike, the ball is acti. nope, i'm going to run it haul th wayown the right sidele for the score. that's a pretty crafty one. word hast that jim harbaugh might alrea have it in his game plan for tomorrow.
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some jv students coming up with trick plays. >> i think cal is going to use >> i think they need to use anything they can. i know there t second youngest team in dwoigs i football. want them to end on a psitive note. they need something positi this season. >> they had some offense this >> yeah, they always do. >> just a touch of the defense thing need. that would work out well. >> thank you mute di. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 11:00. you're watchingn nbc bay area special. tonight, class action. they say first year teaching is hard and first year impmenting is going to be hard. >> school acrs the bay area
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starrolling out new academi learning. for a neway of >> trying to really encourage much deeper understanding. >>ut onef the original architects of the plan has turned into one o its biggest critics. >> the final version of common disaster. omething of a >>t'siving commands to a computer and givin commands to a compur is like giving commands to a dog. >> ihink it's a simple way to introduce new things. >> we'llisit a small san francisco sttup tackling a real problem. >> the real bottleneck ishat most schools don't hav computer science teacrs. >> i was wrong. >> a local educatepologizes for her role in no child left behind. >> i wouldn'dianne rage speaks about pocy and public schools mplgs i think the evaluionf


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